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Anjelica Bag
           The Anjelica Bag is 13 1/2" wide, and  12" tall.  It has a strong double-Anjelica Bag, frontpull zipper (two separate pulls allow access in the middle, or anywhere along the zipper.  The 'j' in Anjelica is pronounced as if it was an 'h' - think 'Anhelica'.  This bag is named after a friend of ours, a gracious Guatemalan lady who adopted a special needs baby after her own children had grown up.

      The felt is thick and sturdy, with the design elements more integrated into the body  (less raised) than those on the Lyla Rose Bag. The bag is fully lined with batik fabric.  It has three inside pockets (a small one on one side, and, on the other side, a pen pocket and a large pocket with snap closure).  The strap is 50" long; it is knit and felted with the same wool as the bag.  (Felted straps are not strictly adjustable, but they can be shortened with a simple knot.)

   If the swirly design on the front reminds you of Van Gogh's painting, 'Starry Night', you get an A - that painting was the inspiration for this bag!   

 Anjelica Bag, back   Please email
yaya@yayadesign.net if you are interested in purchasing this bag, have questions about it, or would like to discuss having a handbag custom designed  and created just for you.

     You can choose  your colors (we have 100 to pick from! ), approximate finished size (remember that felting is an art, not a precise science), and together we will plan the design elements, pockets and strap.

Felted Handbags by Yaya Design may be washed by hand or in a washing machine, in cool or lukewarm water.  They should be dried only by air - machine drying would cause pilling. 

Every Felted Handbag by Yaya Design is unique.
You will never run into someone with exactly the same bag as yours!

If you're interested in one of the handbags shown on the website, or custom designing one just for you, please email yaya@yayadesign.net 

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